The timetable drop down menu on the left has links to the relevant pages for the days of the week. Each table contains five columns:

  1. 'Activity' - The name of the User Group, also a link to more information if underlined.
  2. 'Additional Info' - A brief note of useful additional information.
  3. 'Room' - Gives the name of the room, in the Community Centre, that the activity takes place in.
  4. 'From' - The time scheduled for the activity to commence.
  5. 'To' - The time scheduled for the activity to finish.

The activities are placed in order from earliest to latest starting schedule times.

If you wish to partake in any of the activities, please contact
Perivale Community Centre:

020 8997 2404
020 8998 6417
Electronic mail:

to confirm session is taking place.

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