Improvers Bridge

Do you what to improve your bridge? If so, Perivale Community Centre has the class for you.
The group started meeting at Perivale Community Centre on Tuesday 20th April 1999, And runs every Tuesday, 1:00pm to 3:00pm.

The Improvers Bridge course includes:

  • Duplicate and Chicago
    Practise, tatics in bidding, scoring, sacrifice bids
  • Play of the Hand practice
  • Improve your declarer play
  • Ruffing
  • Finessing
  • Elimination
  • Bath Coup
  • Safe Hand
  • Safety plays
  • Establishing winners
  • Trump management
Bidding Lessons including:
  • ASTRO ( defense to / No trumps)
  • CUE BIDS ( Michaels, unusual)
  • Directional asking bids
  • Slam bidding - Quantitative
  • Cue bids, Roman Key card, Blackwood
For more information call Denise Miller on 020 8206 0059
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